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Turn-key SEO optimized websites ready to drive traffic.

​When it comes to getting maximum exposure for your business, you don't want to be doing SEO. Why would you? Instead - why not get in front of your perfect leads with a turn-key solution?

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Advantages of
Exact Match Domain Websites

Top Reasons To Buy A High-Ranking EMD Website

Google Ranking

Automatic High Ranking on Google for Relevant Search

Own The Market

Having a super relevant domain means you get all the traffic.

Direct Traffic

When you purchase a high-ranking website, you can direct traffic to your main site.

Related Domains

We include related domains you can use to forward to your EMD and avoid your competitors moving in on the action.

Save Time

Buy a pre-made SEO optimized EMD website and get the traffic right away.

Save Money

Developing an SEO website with an EMD on your own takes money and time to develop.

Rank #1

EMD websites typically rank top 3 organically in search engines, and #1 in many cases. The only competition above you are paid ads that cost your competitors hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars per month.

EMDw Turnkey Microsites give you the edge.

If two websites are exactly equal in all metrics, the site built on the exact match domain will ALWAYS RANK HIGHER. An exact match domain is a piece of the search engine algorithm puzzle that is a limited & scarce commodity. If someone else owns the EMDs of your geo-niche, you won’t have a chance of even attempting the EMD Strategy.

EMDwebsites highly recommends owning as many exact match domains in your niche or geo-niche as you can. Use one for offense. Use the rest as an inexpensive defense so YOUR offense can’t be replicated.

If you’re the only business employing the Exact Match Domain offensive strategy, then you will ALWAYS have the algorithm advantage. And if you can own a monopoly of your EMD internet real estate, then you’ve created an inexpensive yet solid defensive strategy ensuring nobody will ever be able to duplicate your algorithm advantage… for the rest of your career and/or until you decide to sell the domain assets.

The value is in the domain.

SEO Optimized

SEO can be complicated. We’ve simplified the process by delivering pre-optimized sites designed to rank.

EMDw Turnkey Microsites give you the edge

Specific strategies are tailored to each specific geo-niche. For tailored information on strategies and reasonings, please find your desired geo-niche microsite package in the Inventory.


The value is in the domain.

How does it work?

Easy 3-step process to owning your own Exact Match Domain website asset


Choose An EMD

We typically have several domain packages in our inventory, but they go fast.


Make An Offer / Bid

We take offers as soon as the package is listed; we cap the price to provide more value.


Highest Offer Wins

Winning bidder will receive escrow instructions to pay and transfer.

All Transactions Are Handled Through Escrow.com

Simple escrow process. Once funds are received, your asset is transferred.