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Additional Domains Included With Purchase:

Get the necessary boost in organic search results with a website on the most relevant search possible, an exact match domain. Then stay on the good side of future search engine algorithm updates. How? By making sure the website is designed using the best SEO fundamentals and only white-hat optimization techniques.

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This EMD website isn’t meant to take the place of your current beautiful corporate website. It’s meant to be a beautifully efficient microsite that gives you a consistent presence on the first page of search engines, and, in turn, drive more leads and business to you.

If you’re potentially the best in your city, then you should also have the best search engine real estate. This exact match domain and website, plus the related domains, are for immediate sale. Someone in your city is about to own them. Will it be you?


  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Keyword Optimized Content
  • Flesch Scores Over 60%
  • Local SEO Optimized
  • Proper Tag Distribution
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Keyword Results from SERPs

Source: Google Analytics

Volume: 590

Cost Per Click: 62.44

KD %: 58.51

Comp. Density: 0.58

Value Formula


Average Monthly Search Volume*



Cost Per Click*



Avg of Historical Click Thru Rates of Top 2 First Page SERPS



12 Months



Exact Match Domain's Annual Value

Fire Sale Price: $5,000 or Best Offer

Does It Make Sense to Buy?

  • How many sales do I need to make for an ROI if I bought this domain and website?
  • How many leads do I need to get from this site to close that many sales?
  • If 1/10th of the search volume estimates above become leads, how long would it take to get that many leads?
  • What if it works, and this website ranks high and generates leads for many years?
  • Do I want the leads, or should a random professional competitor in Round Rock get them?
  • Or more simply, do I want this exact match domain for the rest of my career, or do I want that professional competitor to have it?
  • Do I want an easier path to top search engine rankings for the rest of my career?
  • What is the long-term best case scenario, worst case scenario, and most likely scenario?
  • Consider the purchase for a little while. ‘Buy it Now’ wins everything automatically. Otherwise, the highest offer from all competitors wins.

Sales & Transfer Process

The entire process is handled through, the worldwide leader in online asset transfers.

Whether you’re buying or selling domain names or websites online, will protect you against fraud, deception, and irresponsibility.

As the largest online licensed and audited escrow operator, safely holds the Buyer’s payment in a trust account until the entire transaction is complete. That way, Buyers can be confident the domain will be registered in their name and Sellers can be sure they’ll be paid.

Since the Buyer pays and not the Seller, can withhold payment until the Buyer is satisfied the domain name has been transferred by the Seller. One of the ways does this is by checking the WHOIS database of the appropriate Registrar to make certain it properly reflects the new Buyer’s name as the domain name Registrant. Once this has been verified, releases payment to the Seller.

EMDwebsites additionally uses’s Domain Concierge Service to ensure the transfer goes even smoother.

Buyer Benefits:
– Peace of mind, security, and convenience
– Assured domain name transfer prior to paying Seller
– Ability to confirm domain ownership directly with the registrar before the Seller is paid
– Ability to pay by wire transfer and in some cases PayPal, check, money order, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) Restrictions Apply
– Ability to send credit card information to a financial institution, not a stranger
– Easy access to live customer support by phone or email

Basic Process Recap:
– Buyer and seller agree on terms
– Buyer pays
– Seller transfers the domain name
– Buyer confirms and approves
– pays the Seller
– Buyer is the new official owner of the exact match domain, its optimized website, and all additionally packaged EMDs

Steps After Purchase

  • Set your new domain(s) on auto-renew with your Registrar
  • Make sure any additional domains that were included with your purchase are still forwarded to the main exact match domain
  • Switch the site to your hosting company or leave it with the current host (in most cases there is upwards of 10-11 months of time left on the site’s hosting plan, so feel free to take advantage of that for free)
  • Purchase an SSL Certificate from your website host and set it up to auto-renew (the SSL Certificate is necessary for security as well as search results and it’s not something we are able to transfer ownership of)​
  • Change the phone numbers and address on your new website to your contact information
  • Update the social media icons to link to your company's main social media accounts
  • Maintain the site with minimal SEO

We can help you with any and/or all of the after purchase steps if you’d like.

Defensive Strategy of the Related Domains

Your future search engine dominance is one of the reasons we package the additional related domains with your purchase. You can consider them defense. We decided early on that we’re not going to build out more than one site per niche and city. But there were still related domains with great potential. We don’t like to waste opportunities.

So how could we use these related domains to add value for our buyers? Simple. By not letting their competitors have the opportunity to do the exact same thing we just did – build a fundamentally perfect SEO optimized website on an exact match domain.

Therefore, we purchased all of the remaining available exact match domains in your city and niche. And now, you will own them. Your competitors won’t. Value added, no extra cost. Congratulations on some solid defense!

Offensive Strategy For Continued Growth

We recommend expanding your search engine presence with a plan to add additional keyword optimized content via a Blog or Dedicated Landing Pages. Each different keyword you use will bring a certain amount of traffic. After you have dozens or hundreds of keyword optimized pages, your traffic will explode. We recommend a steady growth pattern (Google likes it to look more organic) by adding additional content on a monthly basis.

We also recommend setting the goal of having your corporate site ranked on the first page as well (if it’s not already). Our big hope for the future buyer, is that you will eventually have TWO websites ranking on the first page of search engines- 1) your beautifully efficient exact match domain website AND 2) your beautiful corporate website. The exact match domain site is much easier to rank than a corporate site, but with diligence and a solid offensive strategy, your corporate site can rank as well. We would love for you to reap the rewards that come with owning 20% of the first page SERP real estate for your niche and city!

Your dreams are our dreams. We’re in this game to help you win long-term. We have partnered with an SEO Agency that specializes in these types of SEO strategies and more. They offer a FREE consultation and reasonable pricing. Click Here to find out more.

Basic DIY SEO Tips

  • Link to Your Social Media Accounts
  • Share in Facebook Groups
  • Share with Instagram Influencers
  • Guest Blog Posting
  • Add Additional Keywords
  • Add Blog Articles
  • Add Additional Landing Pages w/Content

Should I buy, and be the sole owner of, the best virtual real estate for my city and niche...