Capital Funding

Capital Funding

Problem Facing

This company provides working capital and funding solutions as a part of their business development strategies. They specialize in providing alternative ways for business owners to acquire working capital. Their objective is to help business owners secure financing that traditional lending institutions don’t allow access to. So they wanted a new website, social media management, and an SEO campaign.

The website needed a full redesign from scratch and it needed to display technical information while providing a great user experience. The website required advanced functionality, plus a feature allowing a credit report to be pulled upon the completion of a contact form.


  • Create a concept for a brand new website.
  • Develop the new site on WordPress.
  • Implement an SEO campaign that is very content heavy.
  • Manage the social media campaign.
  • Integrate customized application forms for use by customers.


  • 571% increase in organic search traffic
  • 80% increase in referral traffic
  • 458% increase in total site traffic